San Diego CoDA Literature Web Order Form
 Web orders are accepted until the Thursday night before the Community Meeting.
Orders are also taken at the Community Meeting from 10:00 AM until 11:00 AM. Order forms are provided.
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Pamphlets - $0.40 each   Anniversary Medallions - $3 each
What is CoDA   One Year
Welcome to Co-Dependents Anonymous   Two Years
Am I Codependent   Three Years
Attending Meetings   Four Years
Sponsorship in CoDA   Five Years
Communication and  Recovery   Six Years
Establishing Boundaries in Recovery   Seven Years
Total for Pamphlets   Eight Years
Booklets - $3 each   Nine Years
Tools for Recovery   Ten Years
Common Threads of Codependency   Eleven Years
Experiences with Crosstalk   Twelve Years
Making Choices   Thirteen Years
Carrying the Message - Living the Twelfth Step   Fourteen Years
Peeling the Onion   Fifteen Years
Building CoDA Community: Healthy Meetings Matter   Sixteen Years
Sponsorship: What's in It for Me  (green)   Seventeen Years
Newcomers Handbook   Eighteen Years
Sponsorship Booklet  (maroon)   Nineteen Years
Twelve Step Handbook   Twenty Years
Total for Booklets    Twenty-One Years
 Books   Twenty-Two Years
Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions Workbook - $12.00 each     Twenty-Three Years
CoDA Book - $12.00 each      Twenty-Four Years
In This Moment Daily Meditation Book - $11.00 each      Twenty-Five Years
CoDA Book (pocket edition) - $10.00 each     Twenty-Six Years
Total for Books   Twenty-Seven Years
Special Items   Twenty-Eight Years
Affirmations Booklet - $2.25 each      Twenty-Nine Years
Serenity Bookmarks - set of 4 - $1.75 each      Total Annual Medallions
Total for Special items   Chips - $1 each
Posters - $2.50 each   Welcome (Silver)
The Serenity Prayer   One Month (Green) 
The Twelve Steps   Two Months (Purple)
The Twelve Traditions   Three Months (Blue)
CoDA Opening and Closing Prayers   Six Months (Red)
CoDA Meeting Announcement Poster   Nine Months (Gold)
Total for Posters   Total for Chips
Your Order Total